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Google My Biz

- Monday, October 28, 2019

A Free and Easy SEO Resource Your Business Needs
How to Show up in the side window on the Google search results page

One form of resistance between you and your sales leads is the time and effort they have to put in to connect to your service or product. Google My Business reduces it by putting winning information about your business in front of Google users instantly and easily.

Google My Business Profile

The side bar, or Google My Business card, shows up soon as the search results page appears. Its the window on the right side of the screen. The business that is most relevant to a search pops up with an instant display of the stats people want to see about a business:

-customer ratings and reviews

-questions that have been asked and answered about the company

-the physical address of the business

-phone number

-photos of the business

You canmake your business pop up instantly on the search results page, even if you don’t even have a website. Its an excellent place to start increasing your web traffic, as its completely free and all it takes is filling out a form.

Getting Started

Google might have already started it for you. This could be good or bad for your business. There may be inaccurate information up there that is inconveniencing customers and killing online leads.

Does a My Business listing pop up when you Google search your business name? If so, you’ll have to claim it when you fill out the My Business account form. There may be a delay, as Google will have to verify you as the business owner.

Your online presence is essential for enabling customers to connect with you. Make sure your information is accurate and available, effortlessly and immediately, when its your businessthat people are searching for.

Once your card pops up, everybody who searches your business will instantly know the hours, address, and phone number for your business.They’re also one click away, literally, from getting directions, saving the info for quick reference, or jumping to your business website.

The My Business card does what all SEO does,what all effective marketing does. It connects your product and/or services to the people who need it most. The best part is just how little it requires from them. Prospects, naturally, are going to move further down your sales funnel if they don’t have to put in effort and time.

We the people don’t want to confront confusion, IE how do I get my hands on this product?What is going to be required of me? In today’s internet-dependent market, a business without an online face is a mysterious entity. The prospect thinks why is this company hiding from me?

Throw a line out to online searchers and pull them aboard, where they can take the next step to becoming your next customer. The link below will take you to the setup page, or you can scroll down to contact Inquisitek about casting a wider net for internet leads.

Inquisitek works with local businesses to help them understand and capitalize onthe demands and opportunities brought to us by the internet.

Getting online leads for businesses is what we do. To learn about other SEO strategies you can put to work for your business, fill out a contact formwith your name and email, or contact Todd at 425 327 6099.

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