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The Importance of Online Reputation Management for Small and Medium Businesses

- Monday, May 07, 2018

Reputation management is a term that was originally coined for public relations - the influence or control of your reputation. It has grown to become an important social media and internet strategy. There are now dozens of companies devoted to improving online reputation management, which focuses on website results and internet presence, particularly on social media.

Tactics for online reputation management include improving search engine optimization, creating social media profiles, submitting online press releases, and offering free products to prominent reviewers. This form of reputation management has become essential in recent years, as advertisements fail to meet the mark.

With just a few clicks, potential customers can learn everything about your company. Have you ever searched for your company on Google? The results are your first impression to the world. This is more important than any advertisement or marketing campaign.

Here are some of the benefits of online reputation management for small and medium businesses:

Reputation Management Improves First Impressions

Imagine searching for your company on Google and finding nothing at all. This doesn’t make a solid first impression. However, if you’ve invested in social media accounts, a visually-pleasing website, and an active online presence, your search will turn up a cacophony of useful and impressive information.

Give your potential customers something to sift through. A well-established Facebook page, a regularly updated blog on your website, or a lively discussion on Twitter can quickly turn into hours of free content for consumers to access. Keep your content positive, and your first impression will continue to improve.

Online Engagement and Consistency Leads to Loyal Customers

The more customers are able to engage with your company on social media and other websites, the more they’ll come to know and respect you. With loyal, genuine customers comes advocacy, where your customers become your main source of marketing.

Customers impressed by your brand will share information about your company with friends, family, and followers. The best customers become brand ambassadors, bringing dozens of new customers to your doorstep.

There’s yet another reason to invest in loyal customers. A whopping 80% of people trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation, and roughly 92% of consumers read online reviews. A strong reputation means strong reviews, which improves your bottom line. Truly, online reputation management is a cycle that feeds itself.

Customer Data Is Unmatched

As more customers engage with your online presence, you’ll gain access to valuable data about your core audience. This will provide an opportunity to learn from your customers, understanding their expectations and encouraging a lifelong relationship.

While you can, and should, use this information to create advertisements and develop an effective marketing campaign, it’s also important to turn data into a valuable asset for your readers. Write articles or updates about items, services, or issues that interest them.



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