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The rise of E-commerce and how it affects your business

- Tuesday, November 26, 2019

What E-commerce can do for you, and how to pull it off painlessly
Internet business solutions are becoming the standard because they offer a better way to do business. This is demanding a shift in the way businesses operate, specifically in the way they deliver their products and services. Its pressuring us to evolve, but the rewards of adapting are high.

The things we value are becoming more accessible --- people, products, services, solutions, and information. Accessibility and automation are leading to both a better shopping experience, and a better selling experience.

Retailers are in a position to take advantage of both, as the suppliers they rely on are providing better service and better value. By passing some of that value on to their customers and investing in their own E-commerce solutions, sellers are experiencing an unprecedented capacity to deliver the goods at a premium value for everybody.

Leveraging online retail to everybody’s advantage

Searching for a product by typing it in to the search field can often be much better than driving to a store space and walking around. Even for those who want to pick it up the same day, its helpful to be able to see if you carry their item and if its in stock- without having to talk to somebody who might put them on hold, or have to look it up anyways.

If your biggest sellers are available for online order, it’s a nice profit you don’t have to work very hard for. The added bonus of being able to automate inventory and ordering, both for the supplier and the consumer, makes E-commerce even better.

A professional, helpful online service elevates the shopping experience --- and the perception of your brand.

Basic online presence / E-commerce excellence / solutions in between

We work to improve the sales funnel and online branding of businesses anywhere along the spectrum from zero online presence to polished web sites. E-commerce solutions are customizable and scalable.

The current standard for the ultimate online shopping experience is one that:

Includes all of your inventory --- has advanced and easy-to-use search and browse features --- offers online purchasing --- offers 1-2 day shipping at low-to-no cost --- includes free returns via shipping --- includes a wealth of information about products, like detailed descriptions, frequently asked questions, and customer ratings and reviews --- offers subscription ordering for repeat purchases like toothpaste or pens, to save them time and hassle and make sure they get it from you every time.

These features eliminate much of the negative feelings that are associated with a shopping experience, like uncertainty, indecision, fear of buyer’s remorse, and difficulty or inconvenience in accessing a product that you’ve already decided to buy.

These E-commerce features are not requirements for E-commerce success.They are each a service that a retail business can add to their platform to increase their profit. An online shopping experience for your brand can be built in stages IE starting with just some of your inventory for browsing, then selectively adding solutions like online ordering and returns.

We can help it work for your business

Online selling is a solution that can be tailored to the means and the goals of businesses. Establishing realistic timelines and goals is key to making the process manageable and enjoyable.

A website and SEO expert is a valuable resource in developing the best approach for your business, as they can help you:

-decide where the profit lies for your brand

-decide which aspects take priority

-recommend a realistic and manageable approach

-set it up in a way that is understandable

-set it up in a way doesn’t overtax your resources

-help you become accessible to online searchers

The payoffs of launching E-commerce services

Ultimately, effective E-commerce provides customers with a more enjoyable shopping experience, and suppliers with a more efficient selling experience.

Online sales automate a ton of the leg work for you, like all internet resources do. Once launched, they carry a sales pitch and close the sale, over and over again, with no time invested by sales reps or associates.

The online experience offers new and often preferable ways to shop, which creates leads you might not have, and converts leads that you might not have converted. Convenience, simply put, is the elimination of pain and/or resistance between the prospect and the value they get from an investment.The internet is helping us to do just that.

How to start your journey to E-commerce excellence

There are ways to test the waters without investing too much, and to familiarize yourself with the process and the results, before taking the next step to a better sales experience for your customers.

Even for businesses that feel they are limited in knowledge and resources, E-commerce is the right move for you and your customers, as long as you take the right approach.

Inquisitek can help make the wonders of E-commerce a reality for local businesses, in a way that is manageable and understandable for the people who run them. Online resources are a way to improve commerce, and we want to use our experience and insight to help improve the marketplace for everybody.

For Search Engine Optimization of existing sites, site management, E-commerce solutions, and new websites, click here to fill out our simple contact form. Or, contact Todd at 425.327.6099.

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