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What Does Website Optimization Look Like In 2019?

- Monday, June 24, 2019

You understand the importance of an optimized website for generating traffic and fueling growth for your business. Considering that so many of our interactions are happening online, trying to function as a business without a website is fruitless.

Most businesses accept this and have put effort into building a solid website. However, in a competitive digital space where consumers have changing demands and expectations, a build it and forget it approach to web design isn’t enough. Businesses need to continually look at ways to optimize their site to meet current trends and stay relevant in the digital landscape.

Whether you’re taking your first go at a business website, or it’s been a few years and you’re ready for an update, here are a few of the best strategies for optimizing your website for search engine marketing in 2019.

Optimizing for Speed

At this point, bringing up the need for a website that’s optimized for speed might seem kind of basic – after all, we’ve been hearing about the importance of speed for a few years now. Still, speed is one of the most important factors for influencing how long visitors stay on your site, whether they make a return visit and if they eventually convert.

Plus, loading speed weighs pretty heavy on how Google ranks your site.

How can you ensure that your site is meeting the speed demands of your visitors? First, make sure that your site is built with responsive design, or at the very least has been optimized for the mobile consumer. You can also take steps to optimize images and other files to reduce the size and speed up loading times, go easy on plugins and resolve all those 404 errors.

Make Content Your Focus

Content, content, content…it’s what Google has been screaming at us for years. Content tops the list of the most important elements for website optimization – which means that everyone and their brother is doing it. Unfortunately, this means that there’s a lot of subpar content out there cluttering the internet.

Now is the time to take a good look at your content strategy and determine how to take it up several notches. Think of your website as the main hub where your visitors come for information, not only about your business, but also for valuable insights on why they need you in their lives.

If you haven’t already, consider adding more visual content to your site – like video, infographics and hero images that draw visitors in. And most importantly, use content to establish your authority and the unique value your business provides.

It’s All About User Experience

There’s not much of a point in having a website if it isn’t built to encourage lingering and repeat visits. The key to making this happen can be summed up in two little words – user experience. User experience (UX) is used to describe the overall usability and satisfaction that occurs when a person visits your site.

Most of the elements that are used to define a positive UX are also connected to search engine optimization. If you manage to master one through your website design, you’ve probably mastered them both. For a positive UX, consider things like ease of navigation, clean and uncluttered design, content that’s easy to consume on a mobile device, and white hat SEO techniques.

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