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What Is Lead Nurturing and Why Is It Important?

- Monday, June 10, 2019

In business, you’re always looking for ways to attract new people and introduce them to your brand. For decades, we’ve known this as marketing. In our current digital space, successful marketing requires approaching your goals from several different angles, but one thing remains constant – you still need to bring new people in. The problem that many businesses come across, is that they’re not always sure what to do with new leads once they’re captured

What Is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is an inbound marketing strategy that allows you to develop and deepen relationships with your leads through every stage of your sales funnel. It’s all about knowing how to reach out and engage at the right moment to effortlessly move each of your leads one step closer to conversion.

In many ways, lead nurturing is a lot like a courtship. With each interaction, your leads become more familiar with your brand, and how you nurture them influences their decisions to move one step further along in your funnel.

The reason lead nurturing is so important is that in the earliest stages of your funnel, the majority of leads aren’t ready to make a purchase or commit themselves to your business – and many of them never reach conversion at all. Lead nurturing allows you capture all those prospects that might otherwise slip through your fingers and out of your grasp.

The Secrets to an Effective Lead Nurturing Strategy

In lead nurturing, there’s no single magic bullet that hits all your targets at once. Instead, it’s part of inbound marketing services that requires a multi-dimensional approach. From a strategic standpoint, lead nurturing can and should include email marketing, super targeted content, social media retargeting, a strategy for follow up, lead scoring and more.

One of the most important things to keep in mind for lead nurturing is that you’re going to need a different approach at each stage of the funnel, not to mention a plan to continually nurture and retain conversions. On the surface, lead nurturing might seem as simple as “keep them happy so they stick around” but on a deeper level, it’s an incredibly complex process.

For instance, you might need separate email campaigns that are targeted to welcome new leads but continue to present greater value as they move further through your funnel.

Many businesses also find content marketing services helpful as they simplify the task of creating diversified, targeted content for each stage. In the lead nurturing process, relevancy is crucial for content. If you present the content that isn’t meaningful, you risk taking a step back with your leads or losing them altogether.

Working With an Inbound Marketing Agency for Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is too important to not approach it with gusto. Your ability to nurture leads through your sales funnel directly impacts the success and growth of your business. When you need a strategy and helping hand in lead nurturing, Inquisitek is the online marketing company that can help. We offer a range of inbound marketing services to improve your lead nurturing results. Reach out to us at Inquisitek today to learn more.

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