About Inquisitek

We help you accelerate your growth with managed inbound marketing that delivers qualified traffic, leads, and customers. In short, we help you get results, not headaches, with an organic marketing system that delivers you qualified leads 24x7.

Todd Huotari founded Inquisitek in 2009 to help small businesses take advantage of technology solutions that they don't have the expertise or time to do on their own. Inquisitek is a local marketing agency that enjoys working with other local businesses. They can also leverage their large network of close industry connections to solve most any problem.


Todd Huotari
Todd Huotari
Project Manager
Gavin Ojalehto
Gavin Ojalehto
Jordan Ojalehto
Jordan Ojalehto
Miles Simonson
Miles Simonson
Noah Pylvainen
Noah Pylvainen

Appreciated the higher level analysis given to the project along with initiative taken in styling, layout, and content. Inquisitek providing education and guidance on marketing strategy is a valuable service.

Troy Ojalehto // Rapid Design Solutions

It's been a pleasure working with Todd. He's always quick to answer/explain any questions and is happy to work with you on your project.

Steve Wittenberg // Toolcraft Inc.

Good service. Getting everything done as per the arrangements. Good Product.

Sherri Williams // Snohomish Education Foundation

Professional, outstanding service and results!

Ryan Huotari // Mink Enterprises

Good Customer service. Responsive to questions. Todd always there to help. Meetings were setup, always on time with work getting done as promised.

Roxanne Justice // Botesch, Nash & Hall Architects, P.S.

Appreciated timeliness, responsiveness, attention to detail and professional design.

Robert Zielke // The Zielke Law Firm, P.S.

We have a really nice site that is easy to work with. It was all around a fast, easy, good experience.

Liz Dickson // Dickson Electric

I recently hired Todd and his team at Inquisitek to set up email, create a website and do SEO work for my new company. Todd and his staff proved to be very knowledgeable, prompt and of course most importantly, cost effective! I would definitely hire them again.

Lee Mattila // All-State Painting

We have a website that truly represents what we do. No nonsense or overselling.

Karl Niemela // Toolcraft Inc.

Everything handled correctly and in a timely fashion.

Kara Grady // GPS Plumbing, Inc.

Impeccable customer service. More than immediate response. Friendly and local.

Jeff Franz // Snohomish Co-Op

Inquisitek has done a great job with our marketing. I would highly recommend them.

Eric Lahti // RENCO Roofing

Our marketing plan is improving, and we're ahead of our competition!

Chuck Mulberg // Mulberg & Associates, PLLC

Experienced Todd to be honest, hardworking and responsive.

Chuck Maylin // Everett Post, KRKO, KXA

Completely pleased. I liked that I did not have to be involved. Handed it off and it went really smooth. The process was a piece of cake. I got a website that looks professional.

Bryce Ojalehto // Alpha Roofing & Construction

A great partner. Not only is [the] work what we want, it is fast, reliable, and [they] offer creative solutions!

Betsey Archambault // Vashon DoVE Project

Todd is very responsive. Fast response on any issues. Programming challenges were resolved by a lot of extra work. Team easy to work with.

Andrew Ballard // Marketing Solutions


We enjoy being active members of these local organizations that serve the people and businesses in our community.

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