Wade into your business’ SEO yourself. With this package, you’ll have us as a guide and an SEO plan to follow. The SEO plan has specific tasks that you can work on with little experience and at your own pace.


  • Improve your SEO
  • Get guidance on your marketing strategy
  • Scan for and fix your website’s errors
  • Add your business to 30 of the most important directories

These features and services are included with this, and every, site we create.

Basic SEO: Meta Description and page titles for all pages we create

Keyword analysis: Finding out what keywords people use to look for offerings like yours

Content Guide: A document that guides the writing we’ll put on the site. It includes a business overview, intended voice, info on your ideal customer, and more

Design Guide: A document that has the design plan of your project. It includes colors, fonts, logo arrangements and more

Configuration of Analytics: Tools that provide info on the way people use your site. We’ll set up Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Bing webmaster.

Google Listing for businesses with a physical location. This displays you on the side of the search results page. It also registers your business in Google Maps.

Apple Maps Listing for businesses with a physical location. This registers your business in Apple Maps.

Programming/development of your website. The technical work involved in building out your website.

Design of your website. The look, feel and layout of the website for visitors.

Images for your website. We use stock photo services by default but offer and recommend original photography as an add-on.

Page content for your website. We’ll write the text needed for a friendly user experience

Mobile view of your website. We build every website to be friendly on smaller screens.

Hosting setup: Getting your website on a server, which makes it accessible to everyone using the internet

Contact form: A form customers can fill out on your site to ask questions or get in touch with you.

Quote Form: A form customers can fill out on your site to request a quote for your services.