Business Snapshot

Succinctly tell your story and give your customers the contact information they need.

Single page website package

This package is like a fancy online business card – a bite-sized version of your business’ most crucial info.

It’s used by:

  • Those who need something online ASAP
  • Companies who need a landing page for an specific marketing campaign

What you get

Included with this website package

  • One page designed, developed and copywritten
  • Up to five images
  • Basic SEO: Meta Description and page titles for all pages we create
  • Keyword analysis: Finding out what keywords people use to look for offerings like yours
  • Content Guide: A document that guides the writing we’ll put on the site. It includes a business overview, intended voice, info on your ideal customer, and more
  • Design Guide: A document that has the design plan of your project. It includes colors, fonts, logo arrangements and more
  • Configuration of Analytics: Tools that provide info on the way people use your site. We’ll set up Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Bing webmaster.
  • Google Listing for businesses with a physical location. This displays you on the side of the search results page. It also registers your business in Google Maps.
  • Apple Maps Listing for businesses with a physical location. This registers your business in Apple Maps.
  • Programming/development of your website. The technical work involved in building out your website.
  • Design of your website. The look, feel and layout of the website for visitors.
  • Images for your website. We use stock photo services by default but offer and recommend original photography as an add-on.
  • Page content for your website. We’ll write the text needed for a friendly user experience
  • Mobile view of your website. We build every website to be friendly on smaller screens.
  • Hosting setup: Getting your website on a server, which makes it accessible to everyone using the internet
  • Contact form: A form customers can fill out on your site to ask questions or get in touch with you.
  • Quote Form: A form customers can fill out on your site to request a quote for your services.