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3 Ways Your Website Design Could Be Chasing Leads Away

3 Ways Your Website Design Could Be Chasing Leads Away

Understanding consumer behavior is a critical element of learning how to attract qualified leads to your website. Once you get them there, understanding their behavior becomes even more important as you attempt to nudge them along to official lead status. But what happens when the journey doesn’t go as you had planned?

There are several things that can get in the way of turning a visitor into a lead, but your website design is one of the first assets you need to assess. Many business owners are surprised at how even a seemingly minor flaw in design can turn potential leads away in droves. Here are three ways that your website could be unexpectedly costing you business.

Outdated or Low Quality Design

Your website is your first impression to a practically unlimited audience, and how you present yourself matters. If you were preparing for a job interview you would probably take care to not look outdated or sloppy, but this is exactly what happens when you present an outdated or poorly designed website to potential leads.

A visitor forms an impression of your website and your business in a matter of seconds. If they see something poorly put together, unattractive, or that looks like it hasn’t been updated in the last decade, it’s going to affect how they feel about the quality of your business. This translates to lost leads and lost revenue.

You Haven’t Made It Easy

Someone who visits your website has a dozen reasons to not give you the information or commitment that you’re looking for. Your website’s job is to make the lead capture so easy that it requires minimal effort or thought on the part of the visitor. If you haven’t made it clear what the value of your offer is or made it easy for them to give you their information, then they really have no incentive to participate at all.

It’s important to have a clear value message that they don’t need to go searching for and calls to action or lead capture forms that are eye catching, easy to use, and instill a sense of urgency.

Responsive Design

Mobile users are making up a larger share of the internet user base every day. Having a designated site that is optimized for mobile is great, but responsive design is better. Responsive design makes it so your website adapts to any screen and any device the user is on. This not only provides positive user experience factors like speed and ease of navigation on mobile devices, but also ensures that each visit to your site is consistent with the last. For a potential lead that is teetering on the edge of committing or walking away, details like this are crucial for encouraging action from them.

Lead capture is an important part of the customer journey and it’s important for your growth as a successful business. You need a website that performs and helps with this process. We’re the web design company that understands what inspires today’s consumer and knows how to create a site that accomplishes your goals. Contact Inquisitek today to learn more.