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Newsletter for February 2021

Newsletter for February 2021

Because we feel Word-of-mouth is so important for small/local businesses, we’ve continued the recent theme in our latest blog posts. We hope that understanding this will help you to revamp your focus on Word-of-mouth. The strategies and resources we’ve put together will help you do that. See below.\

Simple strategies to strengthen Word-of-mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth is the most important marketing strategy for small businesses. If you take it seriously, it will also be the most cost effective. The more developed your Word-of-mouth marketing is, the less your business will need to rely on other, more expensive forms of marketing.

Here are 5 simple strategies you can use to take control of your WOM and grow your business:

1. Basic good business practices

2. Clear and concise brand/product messaging

3. Synergize your marketing

4. Have a strong community presence

5. Use Net Promoter Score (the Ultimate Question) to strengthen loyalty

Build your marketing funnel with confidence: One simple graphic to help you understand what to do, and why

Viewing your marketing/sales engine as a funnel helps you clarify your objective, identify the most cost effective strategies, and visualize the entire process in action. It also helps to illustrate the role that customer loyalty and Word-of-mouth play in long-term, sustainable growth. Our opinion is that the oldest form of marketing (Word-of-mouth) is still the most valuable. See our version of the funnel here, designed specifically for local growth-oriented businesses.

The POTUS got canceled by Big Tech Shouldn’t the American people be insulted?

The commander-in-chief of the world’s most powerful military ---and the duly elected representative of the American people --- got canceled early in 2020. This was over a month ago already, but we want to clarify 2 things: you should be insulted (even if you hate Trump), and you may not be next, but you’re definitely in line. Because guess what?

You don’t agree with Zuckerberg and Dorsey on everything. The message is clear --- Big Tech’s opinion matters more than yours, or the President’s. Facebook and Twitter users aren’t even allowed to decide for themselves who they want to hear from anymore...