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Are Content Marketing and SEO Synonymous?

Are Content Marketing and SEO Synonymous?

There seems to be a bit of a battle going on in the world of digital marketing. If you’ve been paying attention, maybe you’ve also noticed this constant tug of war between SEO and content marketing. As quality content has become more important for building visibility online, more businesses have started questioning if SEO tactics still hold the same power that they once did.

On the flip side of this, more businesses have begun to realize that content and SEO aren’t members of opposing teams, but rather two elements that should be working together to produce results.

In fact, we’ve reached the point where quality content and search engine optimization can work together and influence each other so seamlessly that we almost have to wonder if they’ve in a sense become synonymous. If you haven’t already, now is the time to start looking at the similarities between content and SEO and stop focusing on their differences.

If Content Is King, Where Does That Leave SEO?

Let’s begin by looking at the fact that there are roughly 338 million websites out there in the digital universe, and they’re looking to connect with the 3.95 billion people who use the internet. When you view these numbers from a business perspective, the first thing you notice is that there’s a ton of competition out there.

Obviously, you aren’t competing on a business level with hundreds of millions of websites, but this number represents the potential for your customers to become distracted with someone else’s great content. Not only can great content steal someone’s attention, but stellar content also captures the attention of Google, which makes it key for ranking.

In fact, content has become so key for ranking that many of the old SEO standbys have been pushed aside. Does this mean that SEO is dead in the water? Not a chance, but the intertwined relationship between content and search engine optimization has become more important.

Fueling SEO with Quality Content

Modern SEO has morphed into being about the user experience. The goal is to create a valuable, relevant and satisfying experience for each person who engages with you. Google and other search engines love happy users, so anything you do to add to their experience earns you bonus points.

Quality content can work to create this experience more effectively than any other strategy. In broad terms, strong content is the bridge that brings customers to your door. From an SEO perspective, there are a few things you can do to optimize the chances of this happening.

You can start by thinking about the customers you’re really trying to reach. For instance, are they local? If so, infusing your content with geographically relevant keywords and formatted in a way that’s easily digestible for mobile consumers is key for ranking in today’s market.

There are plenty of ways to optimize your content to perform for search engine results. We’d love to talk to you more about how SEO and content can work so beautifully together that you almost start to think of them as the same. Contact Inquisitek today to learn more about our SEO services and how we can help your content strategy.