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Attracting Website Traffic Using Effective Search Keywords

Attracting Website Traffic Using Effective Search Keywords

Evaluating the best words to use in your content    

The effectiveness of your online presence is connected directly to how well your content is optimized for search engines. Search engine    optimization, or SEO, can be described as putting words on your web pages that seem most likely to be searched for by people looking for what you    can provide.

Using the right key words is the basis of all effective SEO. To select them, we use three criteria that we call the keyword triangle:

Relevance --- Volume --- Competition

Compile a list of promising search words and phrases, according to Relevance > rank them by Volume > assess the content of your Competition to decide which keywords will most effect the profitability of your business.

Build your list based on Relevance

We focus on the words that we anticipate people using in their searches. An attempt at an exhaustive list (within reason) is a good start. Searchers    are typically going to use basic and to-the-point phrasing, so the law of diminishing returns applies in the size of your list. A good website    capitalizes on the basic searches that are specific enough to direct qualified prospects to you.

We vet the Relevant words and phrases by typing them into search engines to see if the phrase appears in the suggested searches list that drops down.    The suggestions are based on what the most people are searching for with the letters entered so far. Shorter and/or simpler phrases are typically    going to be suggested before longer ones will.

This step provides perspective on the way that many people are going to word their search queries. It also sets the stage for the next phase, which    we call Volume.

Refine your list based on Volume

Which of these keywords are people actually using the most?

We use Volume to narrow down eligible search words and phrases. Seeing which words and phrases from our list are being searched for a lot is easily    done in any search engine portal, as covered above. We also need to know exactly how popular each of these searches are.

There are free tools available to check the Volume of searches, like the Google Ads Keyword planners, which is    the one we use at Inquisitek (since Google is going to have the most reliable data about searches on their platform). The keyword planner ranks    the words and phrases you enter by Volume.

Consider Competition

What is the competition putting on their web pages?

Many of your search terms will probably be frequently used by competitors. Decide if those terms are important enough to compete for.

If you can optimize your content for terms that aren’t being optimized for a lot, you’ll be more visible for those particular searches. More specific    search phrases will signal to more highly qualified leads, and you will end being extremely visible to these searches.

If you feel its important to optimize for terms that are being used a lot by your competition, do so. Optimizing with good search terms is only part    of the equation, and doing the rest of it right will help you stand out from the crowd.

Other factors of online branding

Valuable content. Accessible information that is easy to understand, useful, well organized, relevant, and is exactly what was promised    (click bait is a negative user experience that people will associate with your brand).

A good user experience. This means the user finds what they’re looking for without feeling confused, uncertain, exploited, obstructed,    led about, or other wise overly taxed for trying to do business with you. Make it worthwhile for them.The more value you lead with, the more customers    look to your brand as a helpful and credible source.

People won’t want to come back if your web site is something other than this, because there is simply no good reason for a web site to be anything    else.

On the other hand, meeting these simple standards will lead to repeat visitors, and repeat visitors means more traffic, and the more popular your site    is, the more accessible it will be via platforms like Google.

Content connects customers to brands

Creating content that attracts traffic and converts qualified leads is very involving, but the process becomes more efficient with practice and knowledge.    Each piece of content created makes you more qualified to write the next one, and a larger volume of content makes each piece more effective as    well.

The returns are small at first, but good online branding increases profit and improves the way businesses operate. The best part about online branding    is that it is a solution that can be tailored to the means and goals of every business.

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