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Beyond the Blog: 5 Types of Website Content That Get Results

Beyond the Blog: 5 Types of Website Content That Get Results

Your blog is the heart of your digital marketing strategy. It's where people learn about who you are and how Google determines whether your pages will show up in a list of search results. There is, however, more than just words that you can put on your blog. Plus, your blog isn't the only place for content. When you include these types of content in your blog and overall website design, you'll find better engagement and more conversions from your readers.

1. Video

Video content offers an opportunity for you to make a more emotional connection with visitors to your pages. From entertaining interviews to demonstrations, when your website designer includes video pieces on the pages of your site, you'll find that visitors stick around longer and take more action. Be sure to include buttons for sharing so viewers can keep their friends in the loop.

2. Infographics

The list of people who enjoy sifting through stacks of statistics is a short one. However, everyone understands the importance of facts and numbers. By offering these complex figures in an easy-to-digest visual format, you'll provide your readers with the information they need without making them reach for a drink.

3. Ebooks and White Papers

Long-form content is the perfect way to establish yourself as a leader in your industry. By providing expanded and detailed information, your readers will be confident that you're an expert they can rely on. Plus, long-form content is usually considered "premium," or something valuable enough that readers will give their contact information in order to receive it.

4. Webinars

Connecting with customers in real time is a great way to break through the disconnected, impersonal nature of the web. A webinar, or live, video-based conference, will connect you directly with your customers. Whether you're doing a formal presentation or an informal Q&A event, your viewers will appreciate the relationship you are establishing.

5. Quotes, Testimonials, and Social Proof

Whether it's in the form of customer-written text, videos, or a simple star system of rating, when your website designer incorporates social proof into your website design, your customers will get the reassurance they are looking for that you're the right choice for them. You can opt for a page dedicated to testimonials, include reviews with your products, or sprinkle quotes throughout your web pages.

Remember Your Customers

When you're thinking about various ways to include different types of content in your website design, remember to start with the needs of your readers and customers. What questions do your customer service reps answer frequently? Which products seem to be the most popular solutions? Is there room for a bit of entertainment to keep people engaged? When you stay focused on solving customer problems and meeting their needs, your strategy will be a winning one.