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Building a marketing funnel for your local business:

Building a marketing funnel for your local business:

You can make the most out of your investment in marketing by understanding what makes marketing effective. This is an almost completely different game for small/local businesses, than it is for Big Business. See the links below for more on choosing your marketing strategies.

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Building a marketing funnel for your local business: How to spend your marketing budget on qualified leads

A valuable product sells itself, but only if you’re presenting it to the right people. Rule #1 in marketing: speak to those who are most in need of your product, and you’ll never have to “sell” anything.

Think of your marketing as an investment --- invest your resources into strategies that offer a high ROI. Some marketing mediums allow you to qualify your leads better than others, and this makes them amore cost effective option.

Building a marketing funnel for your local business: How your choice of marketing medium affects “receptivity”

The choice of the medium itself goes a long way to determine how much attention people give your message --- and how much of it they retain. Attention & retention are both products of 1) the message, and 2) the choice of medium.

In this post, we focus on choosing the right medium because, as Marshall McLuhan explained, the medium is the message. So think about what your choice of marketing medium says and how it affects receptivity.

Is your business ripe for E-commerce?

There’s a specific retail model that is perfect for E-commerce, meaning that online selling will be a relatively low-cost, high return investment. There’s a lot of low-hanging fruit (in the form of customers) out there, and E-commerce can help you get to it.