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Can a Marketing Website Help Boost Sales?

Can a Marketing Website Help Boost Sales?

A marketing website helps produce leads by attracting potential customers and then collecting data about them. The data that the site collects helps your company focus marketing directly on potential customers, especially those that show an interest in your products or services.

Website Design in Everett, WA Should Address Marketing Opportunities

A marketing website works by collecting information that better helps your marketing and sales team to target market segments of your site's visitors. Marketing is complex, but if you work with a buyer persona then your marketing website would help to collect demographic data that better identifies your visitors and then matches them to your buyer persona.

The tools to do this are built into marketing websites and they include:

  • Targeted email marketing — is a tool that allows you to use all of the following tools to create customized content that is emailed to a specific segment of your customer base. It helps you put the right product in front of the right person, while they are interested thus increasing the chance that they buy.
  • Blogging engine — Used to create content that helps attract visitors and to offer products that they sign up for using their email address.
  • Customer database — Stores data so that you can sort it, use it, and segment it for use in target marketing.
  • Community forums — Improves communications between customers and provides a place where you can answer questions and promote products or services. Forums are powerful marketing tools.
  • News/FAQ — A designated spot to make announcements, answer questions, and redirect visitors to information such as landing pages.
  • Ad Rotators — Refreshes ad content so that visitors are not bored and are exposed to more content that may trigger a response.
  • Photo Galleries — Photos are tools that draw people to your site. They work well with social media sites such as Pinterest to help increase visual interest and they help show people rather than tell them.

The idea is to build tools that make the task of selling easier. Whether your business uses inbound marketing, organic search, or content marketing, a marketing website helps. A basic webpage or website is a placeholder - a spot that verifies your address, what you do, and maybe answers a few questions. A marketing website does all of that and then helps you identify potential customers. You can then further market them using precise tools such as target market emails.

Marketing websites draw people in, and then, based on their actions, allow you to gather information or lead them through the sales cycle. In that way, a marketing website handles a mixture of potential customers, helps to divide them into categories, and then helps to present marketing to them based on their needs and where in the sales cycle they are. This is one the big advantage that a marketing website brings to website design in Everett, WA. The question to ask yourself is — will this help me sell more?