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[Case Study] Wrona's Feed Company: Develop A Local Search Presence

[Case Study] Wrona's Feed Company: Develop A Local Search Presence

It is exciting to see businesses grow and improve, so I would like to share case studies when we publish a new site or significant optimization to give some press to them and some takeaways for you.

Published on March 19th, 2014

Wrona's Feed Company is a local feed supplier that provides high-quality feeds and supplements for chicken and poultry, horses, pigs, other livestock, and cats and dogs. In addition to the feeds they resell from Conway Feed and Haystack Farm and Feeds, they also have two of their own custom-formulated products, Ahsan Horse Feed and Ahsan Multi-Purpose Pellets. If you need high-quality feeds for your livestock or pets and are in the area, you ought to give Wrona's Feed a call.

Let's take a quick look at how Wrona's Feed Company developed a local search presence.

Objective: Develop a Local Search Presence

Previously, Wrona's Feed had no site and not much of an online presence (there were a handful of listings in some scattered directories). Jean thought a website would help with this. Together we outlined a strategy of promoting her feed business by focusing on optimizing for local searches. Through researching their market, competitors, and customers, we identified some opportunity areas and developed a marketing strategy around that. We then built their website to directly support this strategy. Payoff is sweet.

Search Presence for "Feed Lake Stevens"

First page organic and local listing for "feed lake stevens" less than four months later.

Wrona's Feed's website was published live towards the end of March. As of this posting, it has been about four months and already their site has a first-page listing for "feed lake stevens" searches. Jean has already also landed several new customers. We expect it to take many months, potentially even years depending on the level of competition, to really develop a strong online presence. For Wrona's Feed, a mix of good opportunities, a strategic focus, and commitment to ongoing optimization has led to an even quicker return than expected.

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