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Data-Driven Marketing Results for Small Business

Data-Driven Marketing Results for Small Business

When it comes to analytics, for years marketing has gotten a bad rap. Accounting could easily punch out and print more financial reports than anyone wanted. Operations had its metrics and productivity measurements, human resources could easily track employee measurements and success ratios, and sales obviously could show its performance with revenue figures. However, marketing was frequently an ambiguous effort, eating up a lot of money, but never quite able to show what the product was for all that effort. Not surprisingly, marketing would frequently taking a beating when it came time for tightening the belt or streamlining.Thanks to the Internet, a good heavy dose of statistical power tools and analytics, marketing has taken on an entire new face, driving business rather than window dressing it.

Real-Time Feedback for Your Business

The Internet and the ability to craft business websites with real time measuring tools of consumer behavior has rewritten the game rules for general marketing and obviously online marketing. Instead of wondering what a market might do with a new product or service via focus groups and estimates, now a company see the data coming in real time. Analytics do not only allow the ability to see customers responding to call to action messages and advertising, they also allows a business to see a valuable perspectives on what consumers are doing who don't respond. They are the other half of the market that doesn't purchase your product or service despite their original interest because something held them back. Instead of continuing to wonder, companies can see exactly what page people looked at, what item or service they considered, what search terms they used to find the business, and how far they engaged before breaking off. This data, when summarized, can open up a Pandora's Box of new opportunities for a business, capturing lost sales and revenues.

Get a Total View of Your Customers

Imagine being able to see all the marketing principles that managers have learned conceptually being instead graphically and digitally displayed. Analytics provides the bridge that translates nice ideas in marketing into real time measurements and results that give the companies management far better insight on their activities and how the market is responding to them. However, the key is knowing not only how to find and collect the related data, but also how to interpret it for the given company being measured.

Perfect Your Online Marketing with Inquisitek

Inquisitek is a digital marketing and web design business designed around the principle of finding, interpreting and making valuable the data that now freely exists online and through e-commerce. Founded in 2009 to help small businesses achieve an upper hand on their entry markets, Inquisitek provides companies the ability to leverage expertise and network knowledge that the client may not have in-house but still needs to break through exponentially to the next level of business. Inquisitek gives companies an open door into their own operations, the data that has been previously hidden highlighting what their customers want and what consumers are looking for, and how to market effectively for the best results versus open, blind fishing. Contact us today for more information on how Inquisitek can help your local business!