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Does SEO Still Matter for Small Businesses?

Does SEO Still Matter for Small Businesses?

One of today's biggest myths about small business marketing strategies is that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no longer relevant, particularly amid the rising popularity of social media marketing. Although it's certainly true that outdated SEO techniques involving keyword-stuffing no longer have a favorable effect on Google rankings, SEO techniques nonetheless exist that provide positive results -- and most consumers continue to use search engines when seeking the products and services they want.

SEO's Constantly Evolving Strategies

As search engine algorithms continue to become increasingly sophisticated, it's essential that SEO strategies keep on pace. Google and other search engines reward relevant, quality content with increased visibility in organic searches. Responsive websites that are optimized for use on multiple devices also play a part in today's search engine rankings, particularly since Google recently starting rewarding mobile-friendly sites with even higher rankings. Increasing numbers of consumers are performing searches for goods and services on their smartphones and other mobile devices -- if consumers on mobile devices can't navigate your website, they'll simply click on to one of your competitors which is why you should optimize your site for mobile devices as well.

Modern SEO's Local Edge

Increased usage of mobile devices has created an enhanced focus on local results. Those who are out and about, whether in their own communities or while traveling for business or pleasure depend heavily on their smartphones to identify and locate places to eat and drink, find activities, or research specific places to purchase products. Businesses that don't show up in the first page of rankings miss out. Even businesses that operate on a purely online basis can benefit from local searches, and a strong online presence is essential to maintaining credibility in today's worldwide marketplace.

Compared with other forms of online marketing strategies such as paid social media campaigns, purchasing email leads, or PPC advertising, SEO offers a cost-effective path to a superior RIO. It's unlikely that SEO will stop being an effective marketing strategy at any time in the foreseeable future. Proper SEO also works well with other online marketing strategies such as basic social media networking.

Keeping current on constantly evolving search engine algorithms is a challenging undertaking that most small business owners and managers simply don't have time for. Partnering with an SEO expert who following algorithm trends and fluctuations on a regular basis is an excellent use of available advertising funds. Modern SEO techniques include frequent site updates that include fresh content and images to avoid constantly presenting the same old material. Fresh content helps attract new customers as well as keep existing ones interested and engaged.

Please feel free to contact Inquisitek today for more information on how professional SEO techniques remain a vital component in effective online marketing for today's small businesses.