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Social Media and the Impact on Search Rankings

Social Media and the Impact on Search Rankings

Any time you can find a new way to boost search engine optimization you’ll give it a go, right? That is where social media comes into play. You can actually leverage social media to increase your SEO. Discover the tricks of this trade-off so you can begin reaping the rewards.

An Organic Symbiosis 

In the world of the web your goal is to achieve a following organically. Everything from Google search engine results to SEO to Twitter traction can escalate your online business. On the other hand if you don’t approach this in an organic way, i.e. you attempt to stuff keywords or other black eye tactics, then you will be penalized. Social media will help your search rankings in an organic and natural way. As more users discover your business on social media, on their own, they are more apt to share the news naturally. This is going to improve the outlook of your search ranking without requiring any extra effort, or money, on your behalf. 

Google Goes Crawling

In order to discover your business information for search rankings, Google has to craw the web with its crawlers. For example, with Googlebot the search giant will collect information, such as SEO, and compile it in an index. This index is used to help Google predict and more accurately help the user find what they are searching for. Googlebot can be used anywhere on the web including on social media. When your content is shared on Google+, Twitter, Instagram, your blog or Facebook, crawlers determine everything they need to know for indexing from what that content includes. This is why it is imperative to make sure to share only business savvy and professional content that you want associated with your site. Also, when you post new content on social media, avoid making any mistakes with your keywords or subheadings. These errors could cause the crawlers to index your business incorrectly.

Social Media Sharing Matters

A main reason to have social media on your side is for its popularity. There are more than 1.65 billion active Facebook users around the world. If you can tap into that network you have accessibility to all sorts of customers. More importantly you need to have social media on your side. Social media bloggers, YouTube gurus, Instagram queens and the like are taking over this marketplace. 

In order to gain those organic efforts we’ve already talked about, you have to get social media mavens to seek your business out. The next step is to gain their support, naturally. Forget trying to pay these mavens with freebies or kickbacks. Social media pros have their own rules and regulations. Anything you send off to be promoted by a social media expert will be vetted as a sponsored post. Your goal is to get social media to find your business and product or service naturally. If your goods deliver in a good way, then expect to see your search rankings climb.