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Effective recruiting via your website

Effective recruiting via your website

 Reduced the odds of missing out on top talent

Recruiting employees to staff your job sites can be thought of like any sale. The candidates you want are the customers, and you need some sort of marketing funnel to get them interested in your company.What is it about your company that candidates might want to know, if they’re doing research? Your website can answer the questions you can predict them to have, and direct them how to find answers to questions they still have.

Realize that securing the best candidates --- the motivated, competent ones that are the heartbeat of a company --- is an extremely competitive game. What sets you apart outside of wages/compensation?What will make them excited?

Make the application process easy, informative, and interesting. Give them all the good stuff they’re getting into when they join your team, and give them the answers to any burning questions you know they might have

 Why use a website?

Websites have these unique advantages over other forms of recruiting:

---People like using the internet. Some people prefer it over picking up the phone or paying a visit to an office, especially one they’re unfamiliar with.

---a ton of info can be presented in an organized and accessible way, so that users can get answers to their burning questions while skimming parts they don’t want to hear

---potential applicants can explore their options with you, in a way that doesn’t place any demands on their time. They don’t have to schedule anything, or go anywhere. Assume highly qualified candidates don’t have a ton of time, because they’re either employed and exploring other options, or have a lot of options already

---everybody visiting your site has voluntarily arrived there, and thus is more receptive to the message in front of them

---your website is accessible to a greater pool of applicants.

Examples of people you’re more likely to get interest from if you have a website:

---people who are moving to the area might be searching only on the internet. Be accessible by having a good recruitment page, and make it among the best.

---talented people who are currently employed, but are unsatisfied or like to keep their options open.These people might not be motivated to proactively pursue work, but could be doing online job searches just to see what’s out there.

---people in the area who know you’re hiring, but have a lot of offers and don’t consider options that make applying inconvenient

 Tips and suggestions

Here are a few questions recruits might have: Who will I be working with? What does this company offer besides compensations and benefits? What makes this company successful? What is the culture like? In short, why will I enjoy working here?

Whenever you’re actively seeking to fill a position, you can have a widget on the front page that leads to the recruitment page. Make sure it can be closed with a simple click, so it doesn’t detract the user experience for users who are there for other reasons.

---make the recruitment page itself polished and user-friendly

---keep the recruitment page updated. Recruits will be discouraged if they see a sign that says now hiring on a job site, then go to your open positions listing page and see that it hasn’t been updated for 6 months.

---streamline the process. That could look something like this:

User lands on your web site>front page offers a noticeable and specific step to follow to apply>user clicks on it>user finds themselves at an information page with easy access to: relevant info,descriptions of available positions, FAQ’s, qualifications needed, and a very obvious way to start the application process. If they’re ready to apply, they can simply skim all the info and start applying. If they need info first, they can quickly find what they’re looking for and then start applying with a simple click.

Additionally, anything that improves your website will affect your recruiting process to some degree.Design, user experience, content, etc are all important parts of your branding. Nowadays, people care about a company’s website, so view it as more than mandatory ---view it as a chance to connect with people.

Nowadays, you’ve got to have a website. Its helpful to understand why websites have become standard(because they offer valuable resources to the user). But that’s only scratching the surface. When designed and used properly, websites are profitable, rather than being an expense. How are you using yours to overcome your biggest challenges, and turn your struggles into resounding strengths? Give yourself a competitive advantage. Learn about how Inquisitek can help you with this by clicking here to fill out a contact form.