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Email Marketing: Five Tips to Get More Quality Leads

Email Marketing: Five Tips to Get More Quality Leads

Open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate. Sequentially, these are the three core metrics whose percentages can never be high enough for email marketers. Why? Because email marketing is a proven lead generation source whose $40 ROI for every $1 spent makes it one of the marketing world’s most powerful solutions.

So how best to ensure these metrics are consistently high, and that you’re attracting as many leads as possible? Inquisitek, a forward-thinking digital marketing firm serving Redmond, WA, offers five tips:

Personalize Your Email

Multiple studies prove that emails received from individuals as opposed to companies have a consistently higher open rate. Personalization goes a long way towards creating an initial “comfort factor” between you and the recipient, establishing a more welcome, friendly connection than an email from a nameless sender. Also, make sure the recipient is able to reply directly to you – don’t risk the informality of a “no-reply” email address. After all, the goal is to start a conversation with the potential client.

Attractive Emails are Always Welcome

First impressions are huge, and an attractive email stands out from the crowd. Similar to someone who dresses nicely or has a welcoming office space, a well-designed email tells the recipient that you care not just about them, but about how your business is portrayed. Though the overall goal is that your email is easily readable, this doesn’t mean you can’t pursue certain design avenues to accentuate your message. We recommend a combination of appealing graphics, plenty of white space, and consistency with your company’s overall visual branding.

Start With Who You Know

While it may be tempting to begin an email marketing campaign in uncharted but potentially lucrative territory, your lead generation rate will be higher if you start with who you know: existing clients, active prospect lists, databases from tradeshows your business attends, etc. Interacting with current customers makes it more likely that you’ll be their top choice when it comes to upgrading a product or service, while consistent communication with prospects keeps you top-of-mind when they’re ready to buy.

Don’t Underestimate Your Subject Line

Along with your name, the subject line is the first thing a recipient sees when your email appears in their inbox – so it’s vital that the subject line entices the recipient to open your email. How best to achieve your goal? Most people outside of the ad industry haven’t heard of copywriter extraordinaire Gary Bencivenga, but he’s responsible for a nifty formula for subject-line success: “interest = benefit + curiosity”. In other words, your subject line should include a) a clear benefit for the recipient, and b) a “curiosity” hook that compels them to open your email. Also, a general rule of thumb is to limit subject lines to 50 characters, lest they’re snipped by the recipient’s email system.

Include a Call to Action

The call to action is the linchpin to any successful sales/marketing endeavor. After all the time and creativity you’ve invested in your email, the last thing you want is for the recipient to shrug their shoulders and say, “Ok, now what do I do?” The ideal call to action is one that stands out from the rest of your copy, summarizes your services/experience, and compels the recipient to respond.

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