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Find Hidden Content Trends You Need to Know About

Find Hidden Content Trends You Need to Know About

Nuggets of wisdom are found across the Internet—if you know where to look. To adjust your marketing strategies correctly, you’ll need to maximize your brand’s exposure while using up-to-date content approaches. In all avenues, your market will reciprocate hard work. That said, it pays off to be ahead of the curve, content-wise. Check out the hidden content trends of 2016 below, and fortify your digital marketing strategy in Everett with the best emergent strategies today.

Trend One: Personalized Ecommerce Content

Firstly, you should be watching ecommerce content like a hawk. Already, companies like Clymb have increased digital sales by as much as 12 percent by personalizing product content promotion. Study your digital venue’s visitors closely, segment with a fine-tooth comb and prioritize content customization before your buyers hit the check-out menu. Ecommerce is growing rapidly, and your first content marketing initiatives this year should revolve around online sales.

Trend Two: Mobile Beacon Content

Smartphones have made on-location marketing efforts incredibly impactful. For this reason, content marketers are using mobile beacon technology to segment audiences before exposing content. The result: High-end analytic reviews of customers engaging content following on-location events. Sure, it might seem like a simple study trend, but using real-world events to power content marketing—and not the other way around—is an emergent professional strategy.

Trend Three: Transferring Media Funds to Content Funds

While digital media deserves a hefty budget, lump content amounts are incredibly useful when in the right hands. Digital marketing experts are allocating media marketing budgets to content creation, dissemination, distribution and measurement efforts. In doing so, they’re hard-wiring their business’s approach to online marketing for success. The digital landscape needs a wide spread to be dominated, and several companies are reaching maturity by injecting social media marketing efforts with content-heavy approaches.

Trend Four: Facebook Live Video

Speaking of social media, Facebook is quickly becoming a go-to resource for content marketers seeking a media-to-content hybrid approach. Facebook Live Video, similar to Instagram and Snapchat, is offering live advertising opportunities while linking viewers to online content. By instating features similar to Snapchat Story, Facebook Live Video is sparking conversations, helping social media users cross digital channels and consumer content quickly.

Trend Five: Influencer-Centric Content

Because the Internet is a social hub by itself, content marketers are using influencer-centric strategies to promote content projects. Brands studied by McKinsey, it was revealed, experience a 35-percent higher retention rate when compared to paid advertisements. If your brand can promote content with key ambassadors and individuals, it’ll guarantee ongoing content consumption. Search engine optimization in Snohomish, already, is being outfitted for local events, celeb appearances and pop articles written by various industry gurus. Content thrives when local angles are preserved, making it a community game as much as an Internet forefront game.

Make sure your content marketing strategy—whatever it may be—is conducive to future growth. All too often, digital marketing providers fail in providing a well-rounded experience capable of growing alongside consumers. Take your time, take a breath and take in the abundant online resources currently available to your company.