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Five Old Tools Reinvented By The Internet

Five Old Tools Reinvented By The Internet

As technology evolves and changes the way that we interact with the world, there are some items that go from popular to obsolete. However, the Internet has seen fit to bring at least some objects either back from the brink of extinction or back from the dead altogether. Let's take a look at a few products that we still use thanks to their modern digital format.

Internet Faxing Makes Your Machine Relevant

Until the turn of the 21st century, the fax machine was a common tool used many times each day. It was a convenient way to send messages without the need to deliver them through the mail. As computers became more powerful and email became a popular method for sharing and attaching messages, the fax machine looked like it was going away for good. However, you can now send a fax using VoIP technology that sends messages from your computer's modem to a fax machine on the other end.

Digital Time Clocks Make Tracking Employee Hours Easier

In the past, you would have to literally punch a clock to track your hours if you were a part-time or hourly worker. Today, digital systems that offer online monitoring and management tools reign supreme. In addition to tracking hours, modern time clocks can also determine if an employee clocked another person in or out or forget to clock in or out themselves.

The Rolodex Is Now On Your Computer

It wasn't long ago that business contact information was kept on cards sorted by the first letter of a person or company's name. Today, all of that information is now stored in one digital location, and you don't even have to remember your preferred contact's phone number. Instead, you can just say or type a person's name and you are prompted to send a text or call to that person or company.

The Floppy Disk Lives on Thanks to the Internet

You may not literally use a floppy disk anymore, but you probably use some variant of the technology on a regular basis. Flash drives, USB sticks and external storage units offer the same functionality despite the different look. They can be used to transfer documents from your phone to your computer or from a device to a cloud network.

No One Would Write Checks Without the Internet's Help

Writing a check is a hassle compared to using a debit card or simply paying with cash. You also had to consider the fact that reordering checks meant a trip to the bank during your lunch hour if you still had one. Today, you can pay by electronic check at most online retailers or when paying a variety of other bills. If you prefer physical checks, you can order them online and even customize the design in a matter of minutes.

As time passes, the things that we used to take for granted suddenly become useless or more labor intensive than we would like. Fortunately, a modern take on some of our favorite items will keep them relevant and in use for years or even generations to come.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Faxage, a leading company that provide internet fax services for individuals and businesses.