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Google Is The Most Important Channel For Organic Traffic: Here’s Why

Google Is The Most Important Channel For Organic Traffic: Here’s Why

Did you know that Google and Bing share more than 94% of all search engine traffic? Google alone is responsible for 90% of this market share on a global scale, with Bing trailing at just 3.1%.

Because Google is home to such an overwhelming majority of searches, experts in SEO often focus on the preferences Google has set for optimization through complex algorithms. However, holding a firm majority isn’t the only reason Google is the most important channel for organic traffic and lead generation.


The first and most obvious reason business owners should focus on Google for organic traffic is popularity. Google alone manages more than 3.5 billion searches per day.

Regardless of other features, you should focus your efforts on the search engine most likely to earn the traffic of your target audience. Since the vast majority of target audiences are using Google, this is a no-brainer.


Local Search

Unlike other search engines, Google has improved and perfected the online search experience for local customers. Hop on Google, and you can find the hours, phone number, and address of nearly any business in your community. Can’t decide where to go for dinner? There’s a good chance Google will get you there. Few, if any, applications have ever had such a strong impact on our daily lives.

For local businesses, this feature is a gold mine of opportunity. If your business can rank locally, customers will be brought directly to your door. This feature has been especially prominent since Google paired local searches with smartphone navigation.


Constant Improvement

A strong focus on constant improvement is both good and bad for business owners. On one hand, this improvement keeps searchers coming back for more, translating to a boost in organic leads for the websites featured on search engine results pages.

On the other hand, improvement means changes to the secret algorithm that determines which website earns the top spot. Imagine being ranked first one day and being ranked fifteenth the next. This is the reality with SEO – but it’s also what makes Google a preferred source of information for men, women, and children around the world.


Contextual Understanding

Unlike Bing, Google offers a certain level of contextual understanding. If you wish to optimize your website for Bing, you’ll have to use exact keywords. For example, if you’ve optimized your website for the keyword “injury lawyer,” Bing will only rank your website for that keyword.

Google, however, may rank your website for keywords like “personal injury lawyer” or “accident lawyer,” in addition to your initial keyword. This level of understanding provides the depth your website needs to succeed. It’s also why so many business owners see a high degree of variation between their ranking on Google and their ranking on Bing.


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