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How to Level Up Your Website Performance with Engaging Video Content

How to Level Up Your Website Performance with Engaging Video Content

Say you’re a small business that’s been diligently working to build a website which attracts the type of visitors that convert. You’ve heard repeatedly that content is king, so you’ve fueled your website with delicious nuggets of great content. The only problem is that you’re still not seeing the type of results you hoped for.

This is a common problem, and while you may have quality content, the format it’s in may be as powerful. Textual content has many functions in digital marketing, but there’s an unmistakable appeal to video, and it’s the type of content that audiences are gobbling up.

According to Forrester Research, one minute of video is worth an incredible 1.8 million words. That type of written content would completely overwhelm your web design, but video can convey the message beautifully. Video is practically a guaranteed win for your website design, the only question is how to incorporate it for maximum results. Here are a few tips.

Easily Deliver Your Brand Message

There’s so much that goes into building a brand, but crafting your message is one of the most important elements. The thing that many businesses struggle with is communicating everything they want to say without boring their audience to death.

A smart strategy is to add a short brand message or “about us” video to your homepage. Skip the lengthy text and show your audience what your brand looks like in action. Video inspires, motivates and helps the viewer instantly feel more connected to your brand. Just remember that short and sweet wins – keep it less than 2 minutes.

Enticing Background

There’s been some back and forth about the value of background video in web design. Some say it’s too distracting, but with the right type of video content, we’re inclined to disagree. For example, video that reinforces your purpose without being so distracting to the viewer that it pulls them away from moving forward is highly effective for engaging audiences and encouraging them to learn more.

Making the Decision Easy

How often does someone visit your website and consider what you’re offering, but then back out because they have questions or don’t have time to do the research before they commit? It happens all the time, and is a fairly predictable step in the customer journey.

While a strategic explainer video might not completely eliminate this step, it can help to shorten the amount of time that a customer lingers there before they move further along the funnel. Consider adding a demonstration, how-to or Q&A to your most frequently visited pages to influence decision making and inspire action.

Have you been considering incorporating video into your web design but don’t know where to start? We’re the web design company that can assist while making it possible for more people to find and connect with your business. Contact Inquisitek today to learn more about our web design services and what we can do to elevate your brand’s digital presence.