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How to Use Social Media Marketing to Increase Your Revenue

How to Use Social Media Marketing to Increase Your Revenue

Social media has become an invaluable tool for businesses to connect and engage with their audience, and it also gives customers a way to reach out and interact with their favorite brands. In the world of digital marketing, it’s the perfect win-win.

Smart businesses know the right approach to social media marketing can also provide a nice boost in revenue. Here are five creative ways to maximize engagement and revenue through social media marketing.

Get Traffic Moving to Your Website

Your website is the strongest revenue building tool you have, and it’s also the missing link between your audience on social media and the ones that have converted to customer status. If you want to increase revenue, you’ve got to move people from social media to your website.

One way of doing this is by frequently publishing quality, relevant content that inspires engagement. The key to content that serves as a vehicle to your website is making sure to include a clickable call to action or promotion offer that speaks to the urgent needs of your audience.

Take the Slow Path

It feels like things move at the speed of light on social media, but your audience is still expecting you to take the time to nurture them along. Instead of creating and posting content that’s conversion driven, opt instead to nurture them by presenting them with a gentle lead in.

For example, you might post a highlight of your latest video or podcast, with a CTA to subscribe. You’ve given them a taste and invited them in for more without being too aggressive.

Reputation Management

Most consumers need to establish trust in a brand before they’re willing to commit- something that can take a while to happen naturally. Social media has one of the loudest voices in digital marketing, and you can use it to build and manage your reputation.

This can be accomplished by engaging with your audience and responding to reviews. But some studies suggest that 77% of consumers think reviews that are older than three months are irrelevant, making it important to approach reputation management from more than one direction.

Try connecting with respected businesses in your community or industry on social media. Engage with their posts, join their groups and collaborate on content to help establish trust in your own business.

Run Promotions

Who doesn’t love a fun contest or great promotion? Promotions, special offers and contests often generate huge interest and introduce your business to an audience that extends beyond your core. The key is knowing how to generate attention with a promotion that seamlessly drives people to your website.

Hashtag and photo contests are great ways to encourage interaction and traffic to your website – just make sure you’ve done the research on running promotions on the social platform of your choice.

Design Your Content Strategy for Social Media

Social media is a great place to promote your content, but if you’re looking to generate any revenue from it, your content marketing strategy needs to be focused on establishing your authority to the audience that you’re putting it in front of. In some cases, this means something different than the content you share on your website.

Try using tools like a content creation app or one that clues you in on trending social media topics to help you discover what type of content is going to generate the type of interest that turns a casual fan into a devoted customer.

Ready to learn more about increasing revenue through social media? We’re here to help. Contact Inquisitek to learn more about how our digital marketing services can help grow your business.