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Instagram Ads: What You Need to Know for a Successful Campaign

Instagram Ads: What You Need to Know for a Successful Campaign

Instagram, with 15 million businesses signed up, is a social media marketing mega giant. With 80 percent of Instagram users following at least one business, not adopting the platform into your marketing strategy is a mistake you can’t afford to make.

Why Instagram Ads?

Instagram sets their platform for success, no matter the size of your business. With Instagram Ads you can reach out to a broad audience, or narrow it down to just your most devoted followers, both strategies having their own advantages.

Instagram’s customization features will take your paid social campaign to new levels. With Instagram, you can

  • Target users in a specific demographic location
  • Define your audience based on their social media behaviors
  • Reach out to a new audience based on their current interests
  • Find potential new customers based on an algorithm that identifies Instagram users that match the profiles of your current followers
  • Combine these strategies together to quickly and easily define and grow your audience

The Four Faces of Instagram Ads

Instagram offers four types of ads designed to appeal to your target market.

Photo Ads

Instagram photo ads promote your business using images tailored to your market. A picture is worth a thousand words, and with Instagram each of those words translates to increased revenue.

Video Ads

Is estimated that soon, videos will be the primary content that social media users will access. Video ads target your audience and highlight your brand in short video snippets.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are a marketing format where the user swipes through a compilation of images and informational content

Story Ads

Story ads keep followers engaged by providing a “story” about your business, or something relatable to your business” in short, sequential posts. Stories are drive engagement and conversion.

4 Tips for a Stronger Instagram Ad Campaign

Your brand story is your ad strategy. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking special effort needs to be put into developing advertising that is different from the typical content you post. Instead, put that energy into developing an ad strategy that is cohesive with the image you have already created.

Stand out, but don’t stick out. You want to stand out for the quality and aesthetic appeal of your posts. But, ads that are designed to purposefully stand out with harsh or distracting visual elements are more likely to be ignored and unfollowed.

Look at current success to determine future success. Your organic content can tell you a lot about where to take your paid social strategy. What organic content is getting noticed? What is getting shared and encouraging positive engagement. Use this content as inspiration.

Leverage user generated content. When developing your paid ad strategy, not neglect the resource that is right in front of you. Word of mouth matters, and millennials are more likely to trust micro-influencers than generic, impersonal ads. Create incentives that drive interest in user generated content. 

Don’t miss out on the potential of Instagram for one more day. Contact us for a free analysis today.