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Keep Moving Forward: A Coronavirus Update

Keep Moving Forward: A Coronavirus Update

During this time of Coronavirus and people moving to remote work environments, your online business is more important than ever! Business does not have to stop just because the streets are bare. Now might be a great time to circle the wagons and work on your business by making it easier for people to find you online.

Here are a handful of steps you can take to move forward:

  • Strategize about your online messaging - Work on your value proposition, content, and how to inform your clients about company developments.
  • Analyze your online position - Develop ways to position your business online for survival and growth.
  • Update your website - Take this opportunity to rebuild your website on a friendlier platform, update your content, improve search optimization, or refresh the design. Getting your website squared away now will position your business for growth when things turn around.
  • Stay in touch by email - Keep the communication that you are open for business flowing and let your customers know how they can work with you!
  • Leverage other online resources for remote communications - Start video conferencing, post updates to a blog, and share information on social media. These are just a few ways to keep helping your customers.

Rest assured you that Inquisitek is working and here for you. If you need any information or tips to help you with your business, feel free to give us a call or send us a note. We can have a quick brainstorm with you to get you going on some new ideas or implement your online marketing strategy.

Stay safe and charge on.