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Newsletter for April, 2020

Newsletter for April, 2020

Dear Reader,Hope you’re making the most of the economic shutdown. Even if you’re not able to work, you can still advance yourself professionally. Our services are considered essential, and as such, we’re still operating. Now’s a good time to catch up on any desired changes to your site that you haven’t had time to address. Or just give us a call to see what can be done to improve your online marketing.

There’s always learning to be done, as well. Here’s a few easy reads we published this month, (mostly)regarding the business of online marketing.

Writing effective meta tags

Writing meta tags that help connect your customer with your content can be quick and easy. The basic rules of copy writing apply, only on a much more streamlined scale. Get an easy framework to follow that will help you write meta descriptions in 5 min and never undersell (or oversell) your web pages.

view that here

Good things about the Corona virus shutdown

When something is causing me fear, stress, and anxiety, my go-to strategy is to try and do one better than just downplay the worrisome aspects or see the silver lining. Instead, I try to frame it as a undeniably good thing. Finding the opportunities that unexpected complications offer can be hard, but they’re always there.

The Corona virus offers some unique opportunities and freedoms that many of us will probably never see again, in all our working lives. We have a few suggestions on how people can frame the economic shutdown as an opportunity and a blessing, rather than dark days. How a situation affects us is all in our perception of it, and your perception of it is in your power. Read our take on this by clicking here.

How search engines work

With so much information available, how can a search engine instantly return results? Sometimes it doesn’t even feel real. Even knowing the basics, I still find myself impressed at how fast it all happens--- and how intuitive search engines are. They’re going to continue getting better, too, due to the instant feedback they gather about the user experience. Some very savvy tech minds have been working hard on search engines for a long while. The basics of how their brainchild works are covered right here for your curious mind.


Jordan Ojalehto, Copywriter

& the rest of the team at Inquisitek