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Newsletter for June, 2020

Newsletter for June, 2020

The all consuming COVID-19 story rages on, but social media, big tech and President Trump have still managed to make their own headlines amidst all the noise. So we did a little digging into the whole drama, and put some thought into what we the people can do about it.

Trump’s Executive Order

Trump and Twitter are at war over censorship. The conversation about censorship and Twitter is nothing new, of course, but for once, somebody is actually doing something about alleged censorship by the tech giants...or is he? Like so much of politics, we have to wonder if this actually going to impact our daily lives in any way. We dug into the conflict, the history, and the amount of power the POTUS actually has with an Executive Order. Its hard to say this early on, but it looks like Trump’s move probably isn’t going to change much.

Read about it here.

Alternative Social Media Platforms

The most important talking point is not whether censorship is happening, nor is it if the censorship is practical/ethical/justified. What matters is that it can happen. And if you’re “the competition" (a.k.a. small business), those who have the power to regulate the online exchange of information are going to consider doing it to you.

But they can only do that if we rely on the channels of communication that they can control or influence with their deep pockets and government ties. It's wise to consider other opinions, besides the big four (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). There are plenty of other trustworthy options that will get users away from the privacy-violating,data-mining ways of mainstream social media.

See our list of alternatives here.

Hagen Family Farm's Success Story

Internet marketing is not a one-size-fits-all solution -- and that is its greatest strength. It can be tailored to the needs and goals of you, your business and your customers. We get a lot of questions about how and why online marketing works. The recent success of Hagen Family Farm, in the middle of the current crisis, is one example of how a strong online presence can take your business to the next level.

Check out their story.