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Roundup of Weebly Website Tips

Roundup of Weebly Website Tips

The Weebly Blog has been putting out a weekly-or-so post on different ways of leveraging their tools to make your site more engaging. They are quick reads for useful tips. Here are the last five:

2 Awesome Automation Tools to Improve Your Customer Service and Grow Your Email List

Basic automation strategies can improve customer and visitor interactions on your website, blog or online store. Automating these important, yet repetitive communication tasks will allow you to do more with less, and provide a great experience for visitors, while saving you both time and money.

How'd They Do That? Newsletter Signup Form

"How'd They Do That?" continues this week with a look at the newsletter signup form, one of the most powerful tools you can employ for converting readers into subscribers and building an email list for your website, blog or online store.

5 Web Design Trends You Can Try Right Now

Nobody wants a website that feels old or dated, but a complete overhaul may not be in the plan either. Luckily, there is a middle ground — here are a few web design trends for 2015 that you can use right now to give your website, blog or online store a refreshing new look.

How'd They Do That? Increase Your Sales with Product Recommendations

Did you know that product recommendations can increase online sales revenue by 10-30%? In the newest edition of "How'd They Do That?" we're going to look at how Shantique Designs uses the long description section to curate product recommendations for shoppers, and how you can make your own eCommerce experience more interactive.


Image Optimization Tips for Your Website, Blog or Online Store

A great image can help your website, blog or online store capture attention and keep visitors engaged. However, it takes more than just  expert photography to create great images for your site. Follow these image optimization tips to ensure that your images impress.


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