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Seeking a better understanding of how people communicate

Seeking a better understanding of how people communicate

The goal with marketing is to develop a message that connects your brand to the people who need it the most. But the medium is just as important as the message itself. Having a tailored message only matters if you get the message to qualified leads in a way that they appreciate.

So as a local online marketing business serving local businesses in Snohomish County, there’s tremendous value in understanding how local business people use the internet. And that value, of course, is something we can pass on to you, our customers.

The best way to learn how people get their info is to ask them. So here’s a few examples of what we want to know:

  • How much the people in our business network are using the internet for both work and personal use
  • Their relationship with social media --- which platforms they prefer, how much they use it, what they use it for, and how they feel about it
  • How much of their info comes from the internet in general
  • How they access the internet

Your answers will be kept anonymous. The trends that emerge will help all of us better understand how to effectively communicate with the people around us. The more of our contacts that we talk to, the more valuable the final results will be for each of you.

Of course, there are specific answers we’re looking for, but we’re expecting to learn some things we haven’t yet considered. Those things might lead us to new ideas, new strategies, and new questions about the way people use the internet.

Please share. We’re going through the list of contacts and having the conversation by phone. Can we add you to the list? So far, the conversations have been about 15 minutes in length. You can join our project by filling out this contact form with your name and number. Todd will text you to schedule a time to chat.