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Submitting Your Business to Local Directories

Submitting Your Business to Local Directories

People develop trust with businesses they find in local business directories. This is because the listing establishes credibility for and familiarity with the business and allow people to begin building a relationship. As a small business it is important to take advantage of these local directories in your marketing.

Reputable directories feed major search engines as well as providing a useful tool to constumers seeking a direct solution. You gain more human and search engine support from local directories, and you can easily get started by submitting!

Choosing the Appropriate Directories

In order to maximize the ROI on your time investment, you need to focus on directories that specialize in your industry niche and in your geographic area. Find these through a simple Google search with a few parameters for the correct results:

  • In order to find directories that focus on your geographic area, add your zip code to a description of your industry.
  • Use negative search terms if you find any listings that are irrelevant to your niche.
  • Focus on submitting to the directories that are on page one and two of the listings that show up on Google.

Standardize Your NAP

NAP stands for "name, address, phone." The term means that you must be a consistent match on every directory listing that you make. If you shorten the word "street" or "apartment" in one of your listings, then you should do the same thing in all of your listings. This helps the major search engines attribute all of your listings to the same company, improving your SEO.

Where to Submit

Aside from the local directories, which you will find in the search above, there are some standard directories that you should submit to regardless of where your business is located. These directories will add to your local SEO and traffic.

Google My Business

You must have a Google My Business Page if you want to appear in the local search results within Google. Go here to start the process.


Just because you are listed in the local business listings for Google does not mean that you have maximized your full potential. Bing gives you an inroad to an entirely new audience. Sign up for their local business page service here.


Acxiom is one of the most important free business listing sites on the Internet. They allow you to create five listings for free; after that, they begin to charge you a nominal fee. Acxiom's directory is one of the best because it requires businesses to physically substantiate their listing with the proper documentation; so have your paperwork ready (state business license, DBA license, Federal Tax License Letter, Fictitious Name Registration, etc.).

The above process will put you in the appropriate place to begin your local business directory listings. Constantly be on the lookout for other viable sources of niche activity, because the landscape changes often.

80% of consumers find local businesses to patronize online so local directories are the new word of mouth, even in a close knit community like Snohomish. Give yourself a leg up in your industry through local directory submission and improve your presence and engagement with the community right now! Contact Inquisitek today to discover how we can further your online .