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The 200 Factors That Determine Your Google Ranking

The 200 Factors That Determine Your Google Ranking

You want to be found on Google. Furthermore, you want to be targeting above-the-fold (the area you see on your screen before you scroll down) listings. How? Simply put, just (a) strategically pick the search phrase you want to rank for and (b) optimize your site to support that phrase. The rough news: there are about 200 factors to consider in your search engine optimization. The good news: SingleGrain and Backlink did some homework for us. Here are the factor groups and what they consider:

  • Domain Factors - the popularity of your domain (e.g. "")
  • Page-Level Factors - relevance of your page to the search phrase and loading speed
  • Site-Level Factors - relevance of your website overall to the search phrase
  • Backlink Factors - links to you from others
  • User Interaction - how users interact with your site
  • Special Algorithm Rules - special rules around relevance, such as the location of the user
  • Social Signals - how social you are online
  • Brand Signals - how popular your brand is
  • On-Site Webspam Factors - is your site clean from webspam tactics?
  • Offpage Webspam Factors - is your overall online presence clean from webspam tactics?

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