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Weebly Power Hour: Win $5K on Your Lunch Break [Weebly]

Weebly Power Hour: Win $5K on Your Lunch Break [Weebly]

Get a load of the Weebly Power Hour contest:

We want to see what the Weebly community can create for people and organizations in their own communities. Know a non-profit or small business that needs a new website? Maybe you need a website of your own but haven't built it yet. Either way, now is your chance to use the Weebly app to get started and enter to win $5,000

If you have a project or organization you wanted to get a site up for, this is a pretty great opportunity to kickstart your project. And maybe win a little cash to boot.

Basic Contest Instructions

  1. Choose your weapon -- iPad or Android Tablet
  2. Clear out one hour by the deadline (June 26, 2015) and build your site in that hour
  3. Submit your site after publishing it

Finalist Criteria

  • 45% -- Originality and creativity
  • 45% -- Number of Weebly features used in the entry
  • 10%: Social impact of the site or site's purpose

Winner Chosen by Poll

A poll to choose the winner from the finalists will be held on social media. Get your community on board with voting for your project.