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What is Social Proof and Does Your Website Need it?

What is Social Proof and Does Your Website Need it?

"Social proof" is an influential tool that provides a persuasive push for potential customers. It is the positive responses that people leave as testimonials or reviews of your product or service. Social proof is literally the proof that what you do is of value, usable, and of quality and that buying from you is easy, safe, and rewarding. Social (social media, customer testimonials, review sites) + proof (their positive message) = social proof.

Does Your Site Have Social Proof?

Online shoppers feel anxiety when they shop on a site that is new to them. The power of social proof is that it helps reduce that anxiety. Shoppers, whether online or in person, must make choices. When items are similar or when people are not familiar with the objects they struggle to make the "right" decision. Social proof helps them decide which option to choose.

It works because people put faith in the experiences of others, even if they do not know those other people. When someone makes a recommendation about a product or service it relieves the pressure that a shopper faces over whether or not they are making a mistake. That is how social proof helps websites sell more services or products. Good website design in Monroe encourages site visitors to relax while encouraging buying decisions using quality tools such as social proof.

Does Your Website Possess Social Proof?

Is your website's design set up to maximize selling or to reach its full potential and marketing goal? We see cases every day where websites have little to no social proof. While that might seem as though it is horrible, there is something that is worse - social proof that is outdated. Yes. There are plenty of sites out there that have testimonials from 2010 that provide brilliant reassurance for customers about products that no longer exist.

Would you buy a new vehicle today based on a recommendation from a buyer in 2010? Likely not. In fact, that kind of error closes doors much faster than simply not having any customer testimonials. It makes you wonder what happened between 2010 and now that a dealership would have nothing positive that is more recent to offer.

The reality is that it does not matter what you sell, or what your marking goal is if you have little social proof or social proof that is outdated. What is missing is a very powerful tool that impacts buying decisions, and the feelings that shoppers go through. Very rarely do people make blind choices, especially in the age of information.

The website design in Monroe, WA must come up to modern standards. If your site is lagging behind then chances are you are scaring off shoppers rather than relieving their anxiety. If you are ready for a modern website that is designed to walk visitors through the buying cycle, then give us a call - (360) 294-8310