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What Type of Website Do You Need?

What Type of Website Do You Need?

Whether you are selling products in Everett, Monroe, or Snohomish, Washington or providing information to the entire world, the success of internet marketing revolves around your website. So what kind of website does your business need? The answer to that question is all about the types of internet marketing goals that you set. The different types of websites all have strengths and weaknesses and choosing the wrong one can slow down the growth of your business.

The Types of Websites Available

There are four general types of websites available — Micro, Basic, Marketing, and eCommerce. Which one is right for your marketing strategy? Maybe you need more than one type of website especially if you want to target market to specific local geographic areas. An example would be a site that distinguishes itself towards customers in Everett rather than in Snohomish.

What is the difference Between Website Types?

It is somewhat easier to think of a website as a tool to achieve a specific job. We've all heard that saying about "using the right tool for the job." That is very true with internet marketing too.

Micro Website: A micro website is like a postcard. It displays just enough information to get your point across without all of the finer details. By linking back to content you allow the view to easily grasp concepts and still allow them access. A mircro site is perfect when you want to target a specific product or program. This type of site is a handy tool for specific geographic marketing. Consider having one for every town in which you do business.

Basic Website: The basic website is an opportunity to show your professional side. It makes the perfect place to begin the process of branding and holds enough information to help potential customers evaluate you and your products.

Marketing Website: A marketing website is less about promotion and more about setting the stage to sell specific products or services to specific people. This is about gathering information and ushering visitors into the sales cycle. If you sell products online or if you want more local traffic from places like Monroe and Everett, than a marketing website is likely the perfect tool for your business.

eCommerce Website: An eCommerce website is an online store. This is where you sell products directly to the online community. It is different from a marketing website because an eCommerce site is more about the final sale then the process of building leads and then converting them into sales.

Which type of site does your business need? To answer that question, you should evaluate your marketing goals. In many cases, businesses need more than one type of website. When you use multiple websites you gain more tools to do more jobs. If you want to usher local business to your physical store in Snohomish, then a micro website or basic site will likely do the trick. If you want to tap into the online sales community in Monroe, then an eCommerce site is likely what you need. If you want to sift through the communities of Snohomish, Everett, and Monroe for potential prospects than a marketing site is what you need. These different types of sites offer different capabilities, but it all comes down to your internet marketing plan.