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Why Consistency Matters in Branding

Why Consistency Matters in Branding

Familiarity builds trust. Before a customer decides to spend money with your company, there’s almost always a consistent path that’s followed. It’s called the customer journey, and it’s important because it provides several distinct opportunities to introduce your brand. The whole point is for the customer to get comfortably acquainted with you.

Why should they trust you if they don’t know you?

A lot of time and energy is put into this. But along the way, there’s one crucial piece of building the customer experience that you might be missing, and that’s being consistent with branding your business.

Branding Defined

Branding is the art of creating a name, logo and image of your company that differentiates you. Successful branding gives you a competitive edge, especially in a highly competitive digital world. Branding provides instant recognition. If you’re watching tv and the Target logo came on, you’d immediately know that you were about to watch a Target commercial without any other clues.

Branding is also high-level marketing. It helps you reach the place where customers already recognize you and know you. From there, it’s about providing great value and UX, and not so much building your image.

The Most Important Word? Consistency

Branding won’t do anything for your business if you’re not consistent with it.

Say you were interviewing a possible team member. The first interview they’re dressed in business attire. The second interview they look like they’re ready for yoga class, and the third? They show up in formal wear and sandals.

You wanted to trust this person, but their consistency makes that impossible.

Consistency in branding your business works the same way. Customers want to see the same image associated with your brand, no matter when or where they’re meeting you. Anything less makes you difficult to know and impossible to trust.

Where Consistency Shows

It’s important not to make the mistake of adapting too much to the platform. By this, we mean that you shouldn’t have a serious image on your website, but a whimsical one on social media because you think that’s what the audience wants. What they really want is consistency.

It should go without saying but defining elements like your logo should be consistent across all platforms and networks. Every time you change things up, you take the risk of your audience not recognizing you.

Your website, social media presence and logo are all key elements of branding your business. It’s crucial that you stay consistent among all of these. Here are few tips to keep in mind for seamless, consistent branding.

  • Use your logo and key design elements consistently across all mediums. Even a constant change in color scheme can affect your image.
  • Consistency should follow through in both digital and offline marketing.
  • Personality and tone should also be consistent. Don’t be all business one place, and funny memes the next. This is especially important on social media where the same customer can follow you across multiple platforms.
  • Your website should be your home base of branding. It’s your core, and it all starts there.
  • Keep your brand in mind when creating content. Does your content reflect your business’s purpose? Does it blend with the image you’ve formed?

Have you achieved a strong sense of consistency in for your brand? We can help you find out. Contact the experts at Inquisitek today and let our digital marketing services create something great for your company.