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Why we use WebFlow

Why we use WebFlow

Platforms like WebFlow, WordPress, Weebly and hundreds of others have significantly changed the nature of web design work. Businesses can hire web designers not for their technical programming skills, but for their marketing ability and design knowledge. There is way less time needed to develop, launch and maintain a website anymore.

This equates to a much better value for clients. Not only can resources be developed in less time, you can get better quality within that time. Rather than investing time into the laborious process of building a serviceable website, designers can spend time on the things that create a powerful user experience and help businesses grow.

Still, the decision of which platform to use is a big one. We’ve settled on WebFlow as our current platform of choice for almost every circumstance of business websites.

You can develop and update your website with zero knowledge of programming

This is great for both website developers and website owners. A design company can deliver a completed website that they are no longer needed for. Of course, that does mean potentially cutting themselves out of the process, and therefore out of future profits. But we like being able to deliver a completed product that is operational with or without our involvement. We feel its the best way to deliver value, and that’s the best way to become valued. Besides, there’s plenty of other ways internet nerds like us can provide value to a growing business.

WebFlow can do everything that’s needed to create the user experience that’s going to keep you connected to your customers, without the complications that come with many other platforms. That means essentially everybody can do it their self. Of course, that doesn’t mean everybody should. As a business owner or manager, your time might be better spent elsewhere. We’re proficient with WebFlow and familiar with the design principles that create a good user experience. We can do it quickly and get it right for you.

A brief look at what WebFlow can do

WebFlow is a powerful and intuitive drag and drop website builder that is client-friendly. With it you can build a fully functional website with zero knowledge of programming. Templates are available for those without design knowledge, but you still can have complete control over layout/design if you want it.

Despite being easy to use, WebFlow still has powerful design functionality with few limitations. We can achieve design results that simply were out of reach or too time consuming to be cost effective in the past, or with other platforms. Simplicity = speed, and in this case, without compromising power.

Simple content management features also speed up the process and facilitate better design. We’re not spending a lot of time uploading/updating content, because its quick and easy with WebFlow. Database-driven content allows users to separate content from the layout. In simple terms, you can manage content files within WebFlow, and drag-and-drop as necessary. Believe it or not, not every platform offers this wonderful feature. With some, you have to import the file directly into the page you’re building, and manage it from there. With WebFlow, you can access it within the interface.

We’re also big fans of the e-commerce capabilities that WebFlow offers. E-commerce is the future, a method of sales and fulfillment that give retailers access to a massive customer base, and helps them to provide a superior value at the same time. WebFlow understands this, and has made building E-commerce functionality into sites much faster and easier.

Being faster means we can save time and money on our client’s projects, and launch websites sooner so they can get to work for your brand. WebFlow is a mostly all-in-one solution --- in our mind, the best collection of all of these strengths.

If you do ever find yourself needing to use WebFlow and want to give it a whirl yourself, we recommend getting started by going to WebFlow University. This is a great resource for all things related to websites and specifically for using WebFlow. Most challenges you will run into can be resolved here.