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Why You Can’t Ignore Page Load Speed in 2019

Why You Can’t Ignore Page Load Speed in 2019

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard it, but the page load speed of your website matters. Still, you might be asking yourself how important speed really is. To answer this question, ask yourself how long you wait for a website to load. Does the amount of time that you’re willing to wait depend on the device that you’re using?

If you’re like most people, you start to lose interest after about 2-3 seconds. After that point, each second that you wait increases the chances that you’ll just bounce out and forget about it. This doesn’t seem like much time, but today people expect to browse websites, consume content and make purchases in the blink of an eye with zero lag.

Page load speed really matters, and it’s more important than ever. Here’s why.

Because Google Says So

Love it or hate it, when it comes to the success of your business online, Google has the final say in a lot of areas – page speed being one of them. Last year, Google made it official that mobile page speed is a ranking factor. True, they also said that only a small number of websites would be affected, with only those that loaded at a snail’s pace being penalized.

The problem is that this actually describes more mobile sites than we want to admit. The average mobile webpage can take 3-5 times longer to load than the typical mobile consumer is willing to wait. This presents a major issue for SEO on multiple levels. Investing in web design that focuses on speed means that you don’t have to worry about any of this.

You Need to Make a Great First Impression

The way consumers engage with business today is different than it was just 5 or 10 years ago. Today, many of the first impressions customers form about your business are going to be based off their initial encounter with your website.

When their first experience with your business includes a site that is frustratingly slow to load and fails to meet their expectations, It instantly diminishes your ability to engage them and nurture a relationship. Now is the time to test the load speed of your pages and determine where lag might be tarnishing your image and affecting your bottom line.

Audiences Expect Responsive Design

If your website design is built for only the desktop user, you’re missing out on the opportunity to connect with the segment of your audience that’s coming to you from their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The average internet user is using multiple devices and they’re expecting a seamless experience with your website every time.

Responsive design makes this happen, but just as important as appearance and functionality of responsive design websites is that they’re built for optimized load speed on every device. Of all the steps you can take to boost the speed and overall performance of your website, responsive design tops the list.

Is your load speed, or lack of, affecting the performance of your website? If so, consider website design that’s built to meet the speed expectations of your audience. Inquisitek is a web design company that is focused on your digital success. Connect with us today so we can discover together what our web design can do for your business.