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Why Your Web Designer Should Absolutely Know SEO

Why Your Web Designer Should Absolutely Know SEO

Are you looking for assistance in building a website that will give your company a professional boost? Having a website today is the marketing equivalent of having an entry in the Yellow Pages decades ago. And that entry, which goes into search engines and directories alike, is far more effective when your designer is familiar with SEO.

Think of SEO as the corner folded in your copy of the Yellow Pages. If every book had the same folded corner, the businesses on the affected pages would be more popular by default. SEO gives your company the same leg-up, bringing organic traffic to your website and turning visitors into buyers.

Adding SEO is easiest when your web designer is familiar with the content, code, and organization required to be successful. Here are four reasons why:

Built-In SEO

Once your website launches, your optimization campaign begins. This campaign involves tasks like:

  • Link Building
  • Content Creation
  • Lead Generation
  • Landing Pages
  • Content Offers
  • Marketing Emails
  • Social Media Marketing

In other words, you’ll have quite enough to worry about without trying to change the base of your website because it doesn’t meet the standards required for successful optimization.

If your designer has SEO expertise, your website can be fully-functional before your campaign begins, ensuring a smoother process and a stronger result.

Boosted Rankings

When you have a solid optimization plan from the very beginning, you can attract customers to your website from the get-go, boosting your search engine rankings and pushing you into a top position far sooner than if you’d waited for a separate SEO expert to make changes to your website.

Improved Marketing

Whether it was intended or not, your website is a marketing platform. This is perhaps the most important reason why website designers should have a strong knowledge of SEO before creation.

A quality designer will understand that you have business goals, and will use knowledge of optimization to increase traffic, improve leads, and boost sales through your website. While this service might be more expensive than traditional design, you’ll find it worth the investment.

Search Engine Friendly

In order to earn a high ranking on Google, your website must be search engine friendly. This means your design should be straightforward and convenient for crawling, keywords should be included in your code and title tags, and your navigation system should be created with the user in mind.

To top it off, search engines require original content with suitable visual elements like videos and images. Higher rankings are given to websites that have a clever design, but require few resources to load.

Your website might be beautiful, but that doesn’t mean it’s appreciated by search engines. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on your website design, only to learn significant changes will need to be made before optimization is complete.

Avoid this expensive problem by hiring a designer with extensive SEO knowledge.


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