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Newsletter for May, 2020

Newsletter for May, 2020

Hopefully, all is well with you and yours. We’d like to point out that if you’re unable to work during the pandemic, now is an excellent time to catch up on those tweaks you’ve been meaning to make to your marketing.Meanwhile, here is a brief update on what we’ve been studying lately.

Info Survey: the art of communication

The most effective marketing is a targeted and tailored message meant to start a productive conversation. This conversation will be most effective if we understand how the target audience likes to communicate. So we’re asking people how they use the internet --- what they use it for, how much they use it, and how they feel about it. Specifically, we’re asking business folks in our local business network.

It's a phone conversation that lasts about 15 minutes. And the more people we talk to, the more powerful the results will be for each of them. You can help us help you with your marketing.

Click here to learn more and add your name to the list if you want to participate. Todd will reach out to you via text to schedule a time.

Easy prompts to generate effective blog content

Your expertise in your field is your greatest resource when it comes to creating content that connects your brand to the people who can benefit from it the most. You can add another layer of value to your business model by writing simple blog posts about all the things your customers didn’t know they needed to know. If what you teach them also increases demand for your services, you’ve got the kind of win-win that leads to sustained growth. Coming up with blog topics will be easy, almost automatic, if you familiarize yourself with these prompts, designed to turn your everyday conversations into valuable info for your customers.

How composition affects the user experience

How much does the attractiveness of your website matter? This article is an exploration of how the basic rules of composition impact the form and functionality of your website. Functionality is the key to a good user experience --- and a good user experience is the key to a website that provides value to your customers. With an understanding of how composition directs human attention (and how it makes us feel), you can have strong functionality that lends itself to a pleasing and comfortable site.