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Splash pages: the art of the single-page sale

Splash pages: the art of the single-page sale

An effective website will do what it’s intended to – convert – in a single page. In fact, it should be able to do this at a basic level without the user even needing to scroll down.

What is a splash page?

Let’s distinguish between a landing page and a splash page. A landing page is your home page, the digital space the user finds when navigating to your website’s address.

A splash page is the same thing, but it is the entire website. We use splash pages early on in a site buildout, just to get your online presence started. This gives your leads a resource to use, and it gives search engines a website to track. The earlier you establish yourself on the internet, the easier you will be to find.

One thing that clients like about splash pages is that they’re a cost effective option for getting started online. From there, you can scale up over time.

The role of a splash page

The user should be able to execute your website’s most important function without scrolling down or hunting for the right resources. Our standard approach is to start with a splash page, get it published, and then work on adding pages and features to the site. All the rest of the stuff matters. Polish and aesthetics matter. But if a customer can’t find out:

1. what you do

2. why they should buy from you instead of a competitor

3. how to buy from you

And find it out within 1-2 minutes, they’re a) definitely frustrated, and b) probably leaving your site. The internet is supposed to be convenient and fast. User attention spans are short, as is user patience.

Benefits of an effective splash page

1. Start building authority now

2. Show users that you are providing them with online resources

3. Get feedback and testing data

4. Get more leads and more sales

5. Advance public awareness of your brand

6. Advance customer relationships

Basic splash page design

When it comes to building a landing page, basic sales wisdom applies. You can’t win over every single user that comes to your site. Trying to would be a waste of resources. Instead, you want to build your landing page to serve the needs of your most qualified leads.

So think about what the most common questions that that user has are. Typically, this will have to do with things like your location, pricing, and what sets you apart from your competitors. All of this is part of your Unique Selling Proposition, and this can all be alluded to in the space the screen provides. Sure, you won’t be able to explain it in great detail. What you can do is give them something, and direct them to where they can find more.

These are the critical aspects of your entire website. Everything that distracts from this does not belong at the top of your splash page.

If you can satisfy these items, the next thing the customer wants to know about is the experience. What is it like doing business with you? Convenient, or costly? How do I get the rest of my questions answered? How do I buy your product? Can I do it in a couple clicks? If you can, include something toexplain the process of doing business with you.

For physical products, that might look like:

1. Order here with VISA, Mastercard, or PayPal. 3 day shipping within the US.

2. Available for in-store purchase. Find a location that works for you with our store locator or order by phone at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

3. See our list of certified dealers here.

For services, you might say:

1. Pricing available upon request. Fill out our contact form here or call XXX-XXXX-XXXX to speak to a sales rep.

2. Schedule an estimate by filling out this form, and we’ll reach out within 24 hours.

Why do more than a splash page?

Yes, you do need more pages, eventually. Why? Credibility and connection. There are still many ways your website can advance the sales conversation and inform the world about who you are as a business. There are still services, resources and conveniences you can provide to new and returning customers. Providing them with these services will improve your own operations and increase the value you give customers.

Get started

A splash page build can give you functional resources in as little as two weeks. This is the target turnaround time for these projects, here at Inquisitek.

See what’s included in our single page build out here.

To discuss pricing, you can fill out a contact form here.