Hagen Farms Success Story: Exploring the value of being present

July 13, 2020

Hagen Family Farm has seen an increase in sales during the COVID-19 pandemic and they attribute it to their online presence. With so much uncertainty about the future of the economy and the food supply chain, people are looking to stock up on food and turning to local sources. This was a prime opportunity for Hagen Family Farm and having on online presence helped them meet that demand.

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EOS: Get more out of your business with tested tools for growth

June 29, 2020

What is the most efficient way to become more efficient? You want to start where the biggest return is, of course, but finding the best place to start can be a process in and of itself.

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Why (and when) design matters in websites: Applying the rules of composition to web design

June 15, 2020

There is one thing that cannot be stressed enough in web design: the attractiveness of your website is secondary to its usability. Functionality must come first, and design choices need to address the functionality.

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Why we use WebFlow

June 8, 2020

Platforms like WebFlow, WordPress, Weebly and hundreds of others have significantly changed the nature of web design work. Businesses can hire web designers not for their technical programming skills, but for their marketing ability and design knowledge. There is way less time needed to develop, launch and maintain a website anymore.

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Newsletter for May, 2020

May 29, 2020

Hopefully, all is well with you and yours. We’d like to point out that if you’re unable to work during the pandemic, now is an excellent time to catch up on those tweaks you’ve been meaning to make to your marketing.Meanwhile, here is a brief update on what we’ve been studying lately.‍

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Seeking a better understanding of how people communicate

May 25, 2020

The goal with marketing is to develop a message that connects your brand to the people who need it the most. But the medium is just as important as the message itself. Having a tailored message only matters if you get the message to qualified leads in a way that they appreciate.

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More prompts to help you (the customer) generate valuable content

May 18, 2020

Your blog can advance the conversations you have with your customers, and help them customers get better value out of your products. Coming up with blog topics is quite easy. You already know what it is they need to know and they often don’t. Just start paying attention to the conversations you’re having -- and the points that you’re trying to communicate. Read on for some tips.

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What makes content “work?”

May 11, 2020

There are basically three approaches to writing content: original and authentic content, generically-produced content, and syndicated content. We encourage you to look at content as an opportunity, rather than an obligation. Personalized and authentic content is provides the best return for you, as the client, and for your customers.

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Newsletter for April, 2020

April 30, 2020

Hope you’re making the most of the economic shutdown. Even if you’re not able to work, you can still advance yourself professionally. Our services are considered essential, and as such, we’re still operating.

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How do search engines work?

April 27, 2020

When you enter a search query, your search engine is not actively searching web pages for relevant content in real time

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